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Image Name Description Options
Sleep Time to go to sleep! Delete
Breakfast Eat breakfast! Delete
Sports! Shooting some b-ball outside of school... Delete
Wii Play your Nintendo Wii Delete
Coloring Color a Picture Delete
Miss Stacy Visit Miss Stacy Delete
Horse Therapy Sean goes to Horse Therapy Delete
Read Time to Read Delete
Lunch Eat Lunch Delete
Social Studies Need to Study Social Studies Delete
Math Need to Study Math Delete
Dinner Time to eat Dinner Delete
Set Table TIme to set the Table Delete
Shop Time to Shop Delete
TV Time to watch TV Delete
Homework Time to do Homework Delete
DS Time to play Nintendo DS Delete
Brush Teeth Time to Brush your Teeth Delete
School Time to go to School Delete
Bed Time to go to Sleep Delete
Pajamas Time for Pajamas Delete
Medicine Time to take Medicine Delete
Beach Time to visit Beach Delete
Pool Time for the Pool Delete
drive Time to drive home Delete
Jamion Time to play with Jamion Delete
Grass Time to cut the Grass Delete
Grass Time to cut the Grass Delete
Break Time for a Break Delete
Swing Time to Swing Delete
Eat Time to Eat Delete
Playtime Time to Play with Toys Delete
SnackTime Time for a Snack Delete
Cars Time to play with Cars Delete
Swimming Time to go Swim Delete
Books Time to read Books Delete
Play Doe Time to play Play Doe Delete
Puzzle Time to play with Puzzles Delete
Checkers Time to play Checkers Delete
Talk Talk with Friends Delete
Computer Time to Play with Computer Delete
Play Outside Time to Play Outside Delete
Game Play a Game Delete
Hang Up Stuff Hang Up Coat and Stuff Delete
Dishwasher Time to help with Dishwasher Delete
Play with Rylee TIme to play with Rylee Delete
Walk Take Rylee for a Walk Delete
Webkinz Time for Webkinz Delete
Doctor Time to see the Doctor Delete
Bathroom Time for Bathroom Delete
Clothes Time to put Clothes Away Delete
Make Bed Time to make my Bed Delete
Dressed Time to get Dressed Delete
Backpack Empty Backpack Delete
Bath Take a Bath Delete
Fold Laundry Time to Fold the Laundry Delete
Feed the Dog Time to Feed the Dog Delete
States Time to do State Puzzle Delete
Legos Time to work on Legos Delete
Toy Time Time to Play with Toys Delete
Call a Friend Time to Call a Friend Delete
Car Time to ride in the Car Delete
Clothes Away Time to put Clothes Away Delete
Empty Lunchbox Time to Empty Lunchbox Delete
ipad Time to use ipad Delete
Computer Games Time for Computer Games Delete
Shopping Time to Go Shopping Delete
Store Time to go to Store Delete
Reward Time for a Reward Delete
Extra Reward Time for an Extra Reward Delete
Movie Time to watch a Movie Delete
Spelling Time for Spelling Delete
Science Time for Science Delete
Language Arts Time for Language Arts Delete
church Time for Church Delete
family Time to visit family Delete
Easter Time for Easter Egg Hunt Delete
home Time to go Home Delete
Connect 4 Time for Connect 4 Delete
RipRider Time for Rip Rider Delete
FrisbeeGolf Time for Frisbee Golf Delete
Baseball Time for Baseball Delete
Comb Hair Time to Comb Hair Delete
Cards Time to pay Cards Delete
Basketball Time for Basketball Delete
Pitch Catch Time for Pitch and Catch Delete
Football Time for Football Delete
Music Time to Listen to Music Delete
Resource Room Time to go to the Resource Room Delete
cousins play with cousins Delete
Starcraft 2 Beat some Korean or dishonor your family Delete
Bed Time 9:30 Bed Time Delete
Test Tast Time to test a task Delete
Grandma Time Spend time with Grandma Delete
NapTime TIme for a Nap Delete
Toys Time for Toys Delete
play in sprinkler Time to play in the sprinkler Delete
Bake cookies Time to Bake cookies Delete
Pegs Time to play Pegs Delete
worksheet Time to do worksheet Delete
Ask Bridget & Maggie Delete
prepare lunch Delete
Bubble talk time to play the board game bubble talk Delete
Frosty Boy Time for Ice Cream Reward Delete
Game Time for a Game Delete
TimeReward Time for Time Reward Delete
Tandem Time to Ride the Tandem Delete
library go to library!! Delete
Chapstick put chapstick on to keep lips moist! Delete
Lola Time to walk Lola Delete
Coisin Play something with Carly! Delete
Independent Morning Delete
Math flash cards time to learn more math Delete
Independent Evening Delete
Sweep Porch Time to sweep the Porch Delete
Wedding Time for a Wedding Delete
Art Time for Art Delete
Dance Time to Dance Delete
Cake Time to Eat Cake Delete
Suprise something fun! Delete
Talk Time Time to Talk about Issues Delete
Cory Time to play with Cory Delete
Cloud Dough Time for Cloud Dough Delete
Cells Time to work on Cells Delete
Recess Time for Recess Delete
Minds in Motion Time for Minds in Motion Delete
Erin Amones LANGUAGE ! Delete
Phonemic Awareness Time for Phonemic Awareness Delete
Word Recognition and Spelling Time for word recognition and spelling Delete
Vocabulary Time for Vocabulary Delete
Listening and Reading Time for Listening and Reading Delete
Grammar Time for Grammar Delete
Speaking and Writing Speaking and Writing Delete
Read to Self Time to Read to Self Delete
Read to Someone Time to Read to Someone Delete
Listen to Reading Time to Listen to Reading Delete
Word Work Time to Word Work Delete
Homeroom Time to go to Homeroom Delete
Wrigley/Reading Self Esteem Bldg. time Delete
Classroom Time for Classroom Delete
Wait at Office Wait at Office Delete
gym class time to go to unified arts gym class Delete
gym class time to go to unified arts gym class Delete
kick ball game time to go to kickball game Delete
School 8:45 Time for School Delete
work on writing Time to work on writing Delete
Clean desk Time to clean up desk area Delete
Daily Planner Time to have teacher check daily planner Delete
Sit in Seat Time to sit quietly in seat Delete
Restroom Time to use the restroom if needed Delete
School 10:45 Time for school 10:45 Delete
School 9:30 Time for School 9:30 Delete
Wash Hands Wash your Hands Delete
Read Section in Science Time to read in Science Delete
study section summary Time to study section summary Delete
Science lab Lab Time/Science Activity Delete
mini lab Time for mini lab Delete
Study guide Time for Study Guide Delete
Science Vocab Time for Science Vocabulary Delete
Help mom Time to ask mom if she needs help Delete
Garage sale Help with garage sale Delete
Math-integer game Time to do Integer flash cards Delete
speech Time for Ms. Staggs Delete
bananagrams Time to play Bananagrams Delete
bananagrams Time to play Bananagrams Delete
Compass Learning Time to do Compass learning Delete
Silent Reading Time to Read quietly by yourself Delete
Ipod/Ipad 5 minutes Time to play Ipod or Ipad for 5 minutes Delete
Bus Ride in small white bus Delete
123 Time to do 1 2 3 baskets Delete
Go Poop Time to Go Poop Delete
Waffles Time to Eat Waffles Delete
Shoes Time to put your Shoes On Delete
Take out Trash Time to take out the Trash Delete
Army Men Play Army Men Wars Delete
Colts Time to watch the Colts Delete
Halftime Halftime Delete
Playtime Time for Play Delete
Aunt Theresa Got to Aunt Theresa\'s Delete
Sacraments Study Sacraments Delete
Jeopardy Time for Jeopardy Delete
Rylee Bath Give Rylee Bath Delete
Religion Delete
Quizlet Enter Word and Study Delete
Carve Pumpkin Time to carve a Pumpkin Delete
Clear Table Time to Clear the Table Delete
Trick or Treat Time to Trick or Treat Delete
Relax Time to Relax Delete
Kahn Academy Time for Kahn Academy Delete
Education Video Time for Education Video Delete
Write Apology Write Apology Letter Delete
Write Apology Write Apology Letter Delete
Treadmill Use Treadmill Delete
Treadmill Use Treadmill Delete
30min Eliptical 30 minutes on Eliptical Delete
hacker etetewtertwer Delete
Chocolate Fix Time to play Chocolate Fix Delete
Blockade Play Blockade with Questions Delete
Kodi Watch a Movie Delete
Audio Book Listen to Audio Book Delete
Grandma Smith Time Call or Visit Grandma Smith Delete
Grandma Ritzi Time Call or Visit Grandma Ritzi Delete